Dakan Enterprises dates back to 1993 when Dakan was formed, and their first projects were contracted for a local school and bank. Operating originally as a three-man crew, Dakan Enterprises has since grown into one of Northeast Pennsylvania’s leading General Contracting and Construction Companies. 

Now, hundreds of jobs and nearly 20 years later, Dakan continues under the leadership of Kenny Shino. Working with a family of carpenters, craftsmen, problem-solvers, hard-workers, and all-around nice guys, Kenny's created a company that has earned its reputation for quality work as well as standing behind each and every project completed. 

Based in Honesdale, Dakan Enterprises is helping to build the future and preserve the past. 

Dakan has helped create projects like the Cooperage and Sprout Dental in Honesdale, the Mansion at Noble Lane in Bethany, the Silk Mill in Hawley, and homes, offices, vacation properties, manufacturing facilities, and historic renovations throughout Northeast Pennsylvania. When considering everything we've completed so far, it’s exciting to imagine what will come next. 

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